Personalized Physiotherapy Treatments

Experience the power of personalized and specialist level care with our Personalized Physiotherapy Treatment sessions. Our expert team of sports physiotherapists tailors each session to your specific needs, providing targeted guidance, hands on therapy, and the highest level of care for optimal recovery and performance.
Calf Massage

Manual therapy options

Physio sessions often incorporate manual therapy techniques. These hands-on interventions can help alleviate pain, improve mobility, and restore function. Our skilled physiotherapists utilize various hands-on techniques such as dry needling, joint mobilizations and manipulations, and soft tissue massage to address restricted movement, muscle imbalances, and tissue tightness. Manual therapy can promote healing, increase joint range of motion, and enhance tissue mobility, leading to improved overall function and accelerated recovery.

Women Doing Workout

Exercise physiotherapy

We believe in the power of exercise as an integral part of the rehabilitation process. While manual therapy can help in the short-term, long-term success often needs exercise rehabilitation to address the underlying cause of the problem.  Our exercise physiotherapy approach involves designing customized exercise programs tailored to your specific needs, goals, and abilities. Through targeted exercises, we aim to strengthen weak muscles, improve flexibility and stability, correct imbalances, and restore optimal movement patterns. Our physiotherapists will guide you through a progressive exercise regimen, ensuring proper form and technique, and adjusting the program as you progress. Exercise physiotherapy can optimize your performance, prevent future injuries, and enhance your overall well-being.



Comprehensive Care | Exceptional Value

TOTAL COST = $555 - Save >$300
  • Total Package value = $865
  • Claim private health insurance rebates for all appointments
  • Comprehensive, expert initial physiotherapy assessment
  • 4 x review treatment sessions
  • 6 weeks access to Physiotherapist Lead Pilates Classes
  • Individualised rehab program