About Us

Our Story

Our Sports Physiotherapy Clinic was founded with a mission to provide everyday athletes and individuals with the same level of expert diagnosis and care that professional athletes receive. Under the guidance of Specialist Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist Myles Burfield, our clinic brings together a wealth of experience, gained through working with elite sports teams and within the Australian Institute of Sport.

With a remarkable background as the Physiotherapist for Cirque du Soleil, and the Australian Kayaking Team, Myles has witnessed firsthand the demands placed on athletes and the importance of timely and effective treatment. Recognizing the need for individuals outside the professional realm to access top-quality care, he established the Sports and Exercise Physiotherapy Brisbane clinic.

We are proud to offer evidence-based treatments and cutting-edge techniques to address a wide range of aches, pains, and injuries. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, managing a chronic condition, or seeking to enhance your athletic performance, our skilled team will develop personalized treatment and rehabilitation programs to meet your unique needs.

At our clinic, we go beyond just treating immediate concerns. We empower you with the knowledge and tools to prevent future injuries and optimize your performance. Our friendly and compassionate staff will guide you through the entire treatment journey, involving you in decision-making processes and setting realistic goals.

We are committed to creating a welcoming and nurturing environment, where you can feel comfortable and supported during your recovery. Our goal is to make a positive impact on your overall well-being, helping you achieve a pain-free and active lifestyle.

Treatment Approach


In depth analysis of your complaint and associated impairments with expert diagnosis.


Get a clear explanation of your diagnosis and what are the likely contributing factors to your complaint

Knee Treatment


Individualized treatment plan to meet your goals. This may include hands on therapy, rehabilitation exercises and advice.


With a copy of management plan you will receive access to your program online which is updated throughout your rehabilitation.


Rehabilitation should be individualised and structured to keep you active and involved in your sport and training much as possible.

Our team prides it’s self on high standard, patient focused rehabilitation within a friendly and supportive gym environment.

Our approach includes a comprehensive and detailed assessment of your complaints accompanied by an expert diagnosis. Your injury management will include detailed explanation of your diagnosis and a tailored treatment plan with sport or goal specific rehabilitation.

Your therapist may use a combination of hands-on treatment techniques, including massage, dry needling, mobilisations and manipulations.  While your management plan may consist of some mobility or strength exercises, guidance for return to activity, communication with coaches or referral to specialists if necessary.  

As a finishing touch, we provide ongoing support to prevent recurrence of injury and continue to improve your performance.

Be prepared to work on your injury recovery both in the gym and on the track within our clinic as part of our extended, performance-based approach!



Through our collaboration with ATHLETIX – Human and Sports Performance, we push the boundaries of injury recovery and performance optimisation. 

Located within this state-of-the-art performance gym, our facilities rival that of professional sporting teams. The gym features an expert interdisciplinary team combining our Physiotherapy service with Exercise Physiology, Dietetics, and Strength and Conditioning coaching.

With the use of force plates and muscle strength and performance testing devices from VALD Performance, we take the guess work out of rehabilitation and exercise prescription to best aide your recovery.