Jack McAteerJack McAteer
03:42 16 Aug 23
I went to Campbell suffering from a flare up of a neck issue I’ve had for quite a few years. Campbell listened to the problems I was having and was prompt in building an exercise plan to help strengthen areas that needed attention, whilst also considering my pain at the current time. I now have a full exercise program tailored to target the areas in need of attention and am already seeing results in my day to day pain and stiffness in my neck.
Dimiter HadjiyskyDimiter Hadjiysky
07:49 29 Jul 23
Myles is a very professional and knowledgeable physiotherapist.
Laura KellyLaura Kelly
21:39 27 Feb 23
I have been seeing Campbell religiously for my ACL rehab & high performance return to sport. Campbell has not only kept me motivated and, at times, carried me through a long rehab from injury but he has also given me confidence in my strength & skill that I’ve never had before. I am performing basic skills better than I ever have so I know when he clears me to return to netball, I’ll be going mentally prepared too. It feels like we are a team working really hard together to achieve the best, highest performance results - I can’t recommend Campbell high enough!!
Trudy AndersTrudy Anders
08:52 19 Feb 23
Campbell was incredible! Both highly informed and friendly. Would absolutely recommend Sports & Exercise Physio to all my friends and family.
Emma AndersEmma Anders
02:22 15 Feb 23
Would recommend Sports & Exercise Physiotherapy to all my family and friends! The physios delivered high quality, friendly service and helped me return from injury as quickly as possible! Will be returning
Gursirat TapiaGursirat Tapia
03:41 14 Jan 23
Myles is an amazing physiotherapist.I started seeing Myles once I moved to Brisbane about 6 months ago after experiencing severe back pain for the last 2/3 years. He is always willing to listen to you and diagnose appropriately which, prior physiotherapists I’ve seen have struggled with. He has a holistic approach where he aims to address the root cause of the problem, rather than symptoms.Myles is very personable and professional - I would totally recommend his services to anyone in Brisbane looking for a physiotherapist
Eve LanouxEve Lanoux
10:25 26 Jul 22
An amazing and trusted PhysioI have seen Myles over the past few years with different running injuries and niggles and his ability to not only diagnose and treat them is amazing but the way in which he takes the time explaining to me what is going on and how we will work together through recovery is always very comforting.I have seen several physios over the years and Myles is by far the most knowledgeable and professional providing a holistic approach. Would highly recommend!
05:58 18 Jan 22
An excellent physiotherapist!I have seen Myles a few times over the past 2 years with various injuries resulting from swimming, cycling, running and hockey and each time received exemplary service.Myles is excellent at diagnosing issues, explaining the diagnosis and creating clear actionable management and rehab plans. I always leave my appointment feeling relieved that I understand my injury and confident that if I follow his plan I’ll be back exercising in no time.I have been to several different physios over the years and Myles is by far the most knowledgeable and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others.